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PC Gamer recently had the opportunity to play Ubisoft’s upcoming Far Cry 5 Free Download again. In doing so, the colleagues have concentrated on the unusual possibilities of the gameplay, which allow a different approach to the fight against the cultists in Montana. Thus the dog companion is resistant to flames, whereas dialogues can be broken off with a kick between the legs of the opponent.

Ubisoft is planning a departure from the Ubisoft principle with the upcoming Far Cry 5 with the towers and a minimap. According to the lead writer Drew Holmes, the players should be allowed to explore the game world in a natural way. However, not only is the exploration of the world worthwhile, but also the testing of the possibilities of the gameplay, as the colleagues of PC Gamer recently found out. These were concentrated in a recent play of the title on particularly exceptional actions, which allow a different approach in the game.

For example, the repair tool can be used, among other things, to set the cultists on fire. The tool is actually used to repair cars or weapons, but can also burn the enemy in seconds. Even the dog companion can be set on fire at short notice, but this is immortal and can also be sent to burning areas, without getting a scratch.

Moreover, the dog can also be used to keep rogue wolves in check. If the player points to a human opponent, the dog will kill it without difficulty. If the animal companion, however, is confronted with wandering wolves, they bark themselves until the wolf catches the tail and flees.

In addition, stepping between the legs of the opponent in Far Cry 5 is a good way to stop talking to NPCs. The colleagues said that the dialogue system was surprisingly adaptive. If, for example, one is removed from a character in the middle of the conversation, the latter becomes angry and stops speaking. They are even more annoyed when you press the melee button in the conversation and give them a kick in the step. The NPC also stops talking and tells you to disappear. However, if you return at a later date, he continues to speak where he left off.

When you arrive in Hope County, you’ll be amazed. The heavily armed cultists control the streets, capture or beat passers-by. How you proceed in these first moments remains entirely up to you. One thing is certain: you must take care of order! Grace Armstrong, for example, is very much affected by the high water tower, while Boomer is best suited for fast and especially undetected attacks.
What is striking in the E3 gameplay: Compared to its predecessors, Far Cry 5 feels a touch of natural and less exaggerated. The action is fast, hard and quite brutal. Already the first battle unfolds into an open house fight. The cult followers entrench themselves behind cars or even seek shelter in shops. Some call for reinforcements, others flee as soon as their troops threaten to lose the battle.

If all enemies are under the earth, you have liberated the village. From this point onwards you can explore the local shops and can chat with almost every passer-by. The pretty bartender of the local pub reports, for example, problems at the airfield. Talk to the waiter, he tells of mysterious events at the water tower outside the city. By gathering information, you release new main and secondary tasks. In the plaintext, this means that there are no more towers in Far Cry 5. Ubisoft is thus loosely opening up its open-world concept. So instead of checking out burdensome tasks, the focus is now on exploring and discovering the areas. If you are still in wooded areas during the first hours, you can go to the mountains later. Similar to “Far Cry 4” you use a climbing hook to overcome abysses.

The animal world, however, plays a less prominent role this time. So you do not need skins to make new items – you’re tinkering with objects around you. In addition, predators such as bears or wolves should behave far less aggressively. A Grizzly who appeared in the demo version, for example, nibbled on the remains of a cultist instead of attacking the new deputy.

Far Cry 5 Full PC Game Download

Far Cry 5 PC Game Download

Information about the game

Far Cry 5 – InstallShield Wizard
File Extension : exe
Platform : PC
Language : ENG, FR, PL, IT, DE, RU
Disk space required : 40 GB

System Requirements ( Minimum / Recommended )

Minimum requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
  • CPU: INTEL Core i5-750 / AMD Phenom II X4 955
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / AMD Radeon HD 5850
  • Sound: Yes
  • Disk Space: 40 GB


  • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
  • CPU: INTEL Core i5-2400S / AMD FX-8350
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 / AMD Radeon R9 290X
  • Sound: Yes
  • Disk Space: 40 GB


Far Cry 5 Download Game

Far Cry 5 PC GAME Download FREE

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How to installation Far Cry 5

  • 1. Download the installer from our website (using the download)
  • 2. Then run the .exe and start to install the game
  • 3. During the installation, then follow the instructions
  • 4. The game starts automatically download and install.
  • 5. Wait until the installation is complete
  • 6. Then pop up with the download key, and then activate the game
  • 7. Play IT!



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