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With Monster Hunter World download comes the series in Germany for the first time on the PC. We explain what beginners should know about the action RPG before. A Diablo, in which constantly flatten my character, or rather a Dark Souls, which chases me from one boss fight to the next. As the title suggests, we slip into the role of a monster hunter.

There is also a contact point for quests. They are very simple at first and are divided into three types hunting quests, in which we have to kill a monster, collecting quests in which we find material and catch quests in which we have to capture creatures. If we take a quest, we leave the hub and start into a quest area this is divided into different sections.

Monster Hunter World game

Monster Hunter World

Customisation and specialisation

There are 50 minutes available for each quest, so there is plenty of time to search for resources. As a reward there is material, money and points. In addition to a health and endurance track, we have armor and weapons that we need to keep improving. Unlike action role playing games like Diablo, there is no real leveling system for our character. Only Hunter Ranks that are bound to the quests at some point and can then be increased freely.

PC game Monster Hunter works much the same way as Destiny does with his power. Light level, and makes our level dependent on our gear. The goal of the game  is to get better and better gear to fight against ever stronger monsters! Which then make better resources the classic loot spiral so. After the initial quests, the opponents are getting bigger and more threatening the difficulty increases abruptly. You only fight bosses, so to speak, and you almost always need special tactics, such as traps, to defeat them. We can fight with different weapon classes, all of which play differently.

Action RPG game

Greatsword, sword and shield, lance, crossbow or hammer bring different fighting styles and advantages and disadvantages. We also have Felynes at our side, cat companions who help us hunt in combat and find resources. We can level them up and provide them with equipment. The title is relatively demanding hardware side! Even if the visual differences with the console versions do not really jump in the eyes at first on this PC version. MHW is certainly more fluid when a sufficient combo of graphics card and processor is involved. But it is not necessarily more visually impressive. Blame it on textures with too limited resolution on elements such as the ground, the rock or the models of armor of the characters. Capcom is aware of this and could soon release a pack of better textures on PC.

Different bonuses

In addition to these multiple visual options, Get Monster Hunter World download! Also gains a lot to be installed on a non mechanical storage type SSD or NVMe. Charging times are quite common at stake, before and after the quests, to enter your personal quarters. The training area or the upper deck of Astera. The installation of the title on this kind of media drastically reduces these downtime. Less than five seconds to access a mission or expedition, less than a second to enter an arena, these ultra reduced delays are. In our opinion, the most striking advantage of this PC version compared to its counterparts consoles. 

If the controller should remain the preferred control mode for most players! This PC version of course supports the keyboard / mouse combo. The transition is successfully completed by Capcom which offers both adapted shortcuts and fully clickable menus. We advise you to go for a ride on the side of the many options of assigning keys to change. As soon as possible some shortcuts by default, not ergonomic in the state. In short, Monster Hunter World is perfectly playable on the keyboard and mouse.

Extra skills

When Capcom takes liberties with its formula, it is a license that opens to make the game more accessible to newcomers! Also more digestible for all the old. First change, and size, Monster Hunter World takes the form of a similar open world. No, the saga has not stupidly succumbed to the sirens of the Open World, it operates here a change expected long ago by its players. Finished cutting into sub-areas subject to load times! Monster Hunter World Free embraces a construction more open than ever for an experience with a new breath of freedom. This is not a real open world, however, large hunting areas are always subject to a time of initial loading before their access. The map is divided into several environments with a specific graphic personality the Forest Ancient, Termite Desert, Putrid Valley.

Monster Hunter World Download

Monster Hunter World

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