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After several beta phases and a release on dedicated launcher, Elite Dangerous download landed on Steam in this beautiful year 2015, decidedly placed under the sign of space, including a Star Citizen Dante who is a little wait. Frontier Developments offers us a high quality, massively multiplayer sandbox simulator that we present today. If you’ve ever heard of Elite, or have seen images of the game and your curiosity has been teased, a quick summary of the concept is needed. Elite: Dangerous is a space simulation in which each player steers a ship. You are thus released into the universe (which consists of over 400 billion systems) and your destiny will be the one you choose. You may very well become a bounty hunter chasing stalking and destroying missions, or try to make a small fortune by trading from station to station, taking advantage of the warm, fluctuating market conditions on board. a cargo ship freshly purchased at the corner station.

If you feel the soul of an explorer, know that it is also possible to go on an adventure, equipped with a module to detect and analyze the planets to discover new worlds and baptize them. like a Christopher Columbus of outer space. Of course, you are not alone in the stellar void and thousands of players and NPCs will come to decorate your parties, that they wish to track you to destroy you, recover the contents of your cargo hold and sell it on the black market, or they want a little help for a hunt and offer you to form a squadron in voice contact, sailing in team system to search for adventure … It’s a dream is not it? Free download Elite Dangerous has a realization both realistic and modest. Understand that we will not be entitled to graphic flourishes in all directions or explosive delights all the way like what EVE Valkyrie wants to do. We are here on an open world first and to meet ships in large numbers does not often come out of the stations where they gather for trade, supply or contract. The title is optimized for configurations a few years but leaves enough room to spit his guts to a big fat PC games. If in addition you add the consideration of virtual reality via Oculus Rift, know that the experience is out of the ordinary, without being free of defects, unfortunately inherent in the prototype status of the helmet.

Taking the Oculus Rift into account has made Elite the perfect PC standard to prove to the world that virtual reality has a crazy potential in vehicle simulation. Well immersed in your cockpit, you can follow your enemies while maneuvering, looking towards the different sides of the cabin to manage your installed modules, your targets, your journey paths … Add to that HOTAS, the joystick and throttle, that the title has brought up to date when these accessories were now reserved for a very small niche of players, and you get an optimal experience. Elite is a bit like Minecraft, we go back there by period, sometimes after a few weeks without playing, but we are still amazed by the potential of the game and its immersion. The title imposes long games in the manner of an MMO, since it is almost impossible to make a conclusive session in less than half an hour of play. Moreover, the different quests are timed and it will not be rare to have to carry out missions in less than one hour to obtain the validation of your action. So we learn to be patient and, believe me, it’s very important in a spatial simulation.

For example, you will sometimes be asked to zone in different space sectors in search of unsolders, an apparently simple quest that can lead to one or two hours of wandering in search of famous individuals. You will also often have the opportunity to travel in HyperSpace (the second mode of travel, between cruising speed and SuperDrive way Stargate), and travel can be a bit long, with phases of approach where you can must gradually decelerate and properly dose its engines. It will take patience to play Elite, but such phases are ultimately extremely useful to highlight the epic sequences offered by the title.

Elite Dangerous Game

Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous Download

As though there were as yet a couple of kilos of sugar in our mirettes, Frontier went to draw on the best fantasized portrayals of things to come when planning the HUD of its boats. Like the Black Star 3D images remarked on by My Mothma, the flight instruments ascend from the dashboard in such an ideal setup, to the point that they grab hold initially and quickly coordinate with the experience (the casualties of Deus Ex will be cheerful to discover that the shining gold shading plan is effectively modifiable). From key weight (or a slight Rift pivot for the fortunate ones), expanded reality side boards are made to give you access to amazing measures of data without giving up an ounce of inundation. Despite what might be expected: combined with a HOTAS, perhaps a TrackIR or VR headset for the common, some voice directions through VoiceAttack and 5.1 earphones to appreciate the miracles of sound structure, Game download Elite Dangerous is a standout amongst the most vivid encounters that I was given to feel all stages joined.

Also, luckily it is great to investigate the encompassing miracles, the recreation introduction of the title by making a somewhat moderate amusement, punctuated by fundamental methods and destined to be regularly rehashed. A few people realize that how will generally be adequately lively – like landing – considerably more on the off chance that you endeavor to sneak without getting captured – where others are basically less captivating, in spite of their dynamic job in the rationality and hugeness of the Galaxy. This is the situation of the super-journey, middle of the road method of movement between long-separate hops and regular flying, which enables a machine to slalom without weight between the heavenly collections of a framework at rates a few times more prominent than light. Agreeable logical extrapolation that the designers have still moored in the genuine physical standards: the player must figure out how to effectively quantify its push as indicated by its direction and the fascination of encompassing items, to abstain from being hindered by the mass of a star close or lose control of its pace as it approaches its goal. A genuine test toward the start of the amusement, the super-journey at that point turns into a mandatory custom, which is less fun, luckily constantly luxurious in scenes more maboule than the others.

Once the superluminal thrusters are OFF, it’s the ideal opportunity for Elite to play lovely hearts with his flying model. The fights subsequently blend twirling up close and personal, exact push the executives and vector rectifications with the assistance of helps for artfulness. By turning the flight assistant, a little gnat can play ventral, dorsal and horizontal yet additionally the manager to draw circles around a tango and binded lethal entries flush lodge. A fundamental dominance against an accomplished player, yet in addition amid the intense gatherings with the more elevated amount bots, substantially less harmless than in the beta stage. Specialists will anyway yell embarrassment at the physical bargains acknowledged by Frontier: initially, the title was to propose a flight material science as Newtonian as conceivable inside the points of confinement of the playable. By this implies no other grinding than that subjectively restricting the most extreme speed of the machines. Also, the patrons long for days and evenings at 180 ° motors cut off at the Battlestar Galactica, from a basic deactivation of the flying aids.

In any case, as and when fixes, the studio has tied the courses of action for a last outcome that harnesses the burglary as per the push and forces a self-assertive deceleration as per the introduction of the float. We at last scooped a mixture proposition among spatial and environmental dogfight, not without effectiveness but rather which could back off the imagination of the nostalgic of I-War or Terminus. On the shed side, Elite’s 1.0 remains somewhat modest in perspective of its MMO claims. Of the fifteen ships presently accessible (thirty arranged altogether), six just cost short of what one million credits, officially abundant entirety that will be amassed in blood, liters of espresso and the evaporating of the social bond IRL. Luckily, the numerous blends of loadouts compensate for the absence of assortment and permit any hopeful Han Solo to tinker with the ideal machine for his activity. We begin with the relentless Sidewinder, an essential petroleum that even intergalactic protection will free us if there is a glitch. Neither great nor terrible yet, it is the reliable companion of which one isolates with a ball in the stomach like the Ford Fiesta ’83 of Mamie Micheline.

Information about the game

Filename : Elite Dangerous – InstallShield Wizard
File Extension : exe
Platform : PC
Language : ENG, FR, PL, IT, DE, RU
Disk space required : 7 GB

System Requirements ( Minimum / Recommended )

Minimum requirements

  • OS: Win 7 64
  • CPU: Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz, Phenom 9850 Quad-Core
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 260, Radeon HD 4870
  • Sound: Yes
  • Disk Space: 7 GB


  • OS: Win 7 64
  • CPU: Core i7-3770K 4-Core 3.5GHz, FX-4350
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 770, Radeon R9 280X
  • Sound: Yes
  • Disk Space: 7 GB

Elite Dangerous Download Here

Elite Dangerous Download

Images game Elite Dangerous

How to installation Elite Dangerous

  • 1. Download the installer from our website (using the download)
  • 2. Then run the .exe and start to install the game
  • 3. During the installation, then follow the instructions
  • 4. The game starts automatically download and install.
  • 5. Wait until the installation is complete
  • 6. Then pop up with the download key, and then activate the game
  • 7. Play IT!


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