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Ah shell, sun and crustacean! Finally for the sun, it will take a little while for shellfish, you will be served. Similarly, welcome to Subnautica free Download is an independent survival adventure game available in early access on PC. Clearly, independent sandbox survival games swarm on Steam, all in search of success such as ARK: Survival Evolved lately. Alas, for the most part, the lack of innovation and novelties bring us! The end an experience of déjà vu and finally a rejection of the game. So when a game offers us an aquatic universe all with pleasant graphics and a bestiary attractive, why not dive headlong? After that, providing us with the very curious game of inter species combat that is Natural Selection 2! The team of Unknown Worlds offers us a very different experience. Subnautica Below Zero is an extraterrestrial survival game.

Subnautica Game



Aquatic world

As often in survival games, your first mission will be to collect resources for your survival and especially to ensure that your character does not die of hunger. The great particularity of the title is that you will evolve in an underwater environment! Therefore, you will therefore very regularly monitor your oxygen bar! Rest assured, the funds are full of different materials that will allow you to craft bottles of oxygen that will serve you to breathe longer and therefore go down even deeper. However, be necessary to pay attention to the different species which populate the funds. Because if some are likely to be frightened by your funny attitude, others will, on the other hand, find you very appetizing. Indeed, the game is totally open world, you can walk wherever you want.

The underwater islands

You will have to adapt to the fauna and flora, some fluorescent plants will allow you to better see and temporarily get a sense of security. Side graphics, say immediately, the graphics engine works wonders! After that, you will find yourself willingly stop to scrutinize the seabed teeming small creatures and wonders to discover. Similarly, Subnautica allows players to explore the ocean in survival mode, manage their health and fight hunger and thirst. For the ultimate thrill, there is the Hardcore Mode, where players only have one life and no alerts on lack of oxygen. For simple ocean exploration, without constantly having to fight for survival, there is the creative mode. Subnautica is an excellent survival game that has renewed the genre with its aquatic world. The game is beautiful, the bestiary varied and the atmosphere of the title! Epecially with well chosen music, plunges us into a captivating universe.

The sea monster

The only real flaw of the title is that it is still relatively poor in content, we should note that developers regularly release content, a game that we will not fail to monitor. Three concepts are to be taken into account thirst, starvation and oxygen. Your three number one wishes in an effort to want to be stuffed. To manipulate hunger nothing more simple, the ocean is teeming with existence. We are able to quickly discover ways to seize positive species then cause them to fit!

For human consumption through the craft device of our lifestyles capsule. For thirst it is already some other pair of sticks when you come into the game and it’s far important to fish a selected kind of fish to create bottles. Finally oxygen, the mechanics that makes Subnautica free pc. Your man or woman has a gauge of oxygen and also you need to constantly hold an eye fixed on it in case you do no longer want your body to rest all the time inside the abyss. 


The crafting system

Ironically, it’s far very difficult to get better its orientation under water and it’s far very commonplace to get lost. If to begin with it isn’t too problematic, it is able to quick grow to be when we start to have a real little underwater base to run. It ought to certainly feed it if we do not need to lose a number of the fruit of our work. The life tablet is only a grain of sand and it’s miles viable to construct a actual clinical studies station. Even have a look at marine existence in massive aquariums. Because sure the atmosphere is alive and complicated.

Predators go out and hunt at night time, the animals feed. This is likewise where PC download Subnautica is very extraordinary in its marine vegetation and fauna. In conclusion, the ocean is a secession of unfamiliar beings and we in no way in reality realize what to expect. Full of colour, very wealthy in element, the game with out being a photo slap has a actual visible identity. The Havok engine does the process and the whole thing is proudly optimized to run on a potato, or nearly. A actual wonder that could revel in on almost any PC a minimal game orientated. 

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