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Developed with discretion by Madmind Studio on PC Agony download is a brand new survival-horror from the sick brain of Polish developers. Financed via Kickstarter, the game allows its generous donors to have access! After that, we have been able to go through to experience the trauma of a soul traveling from body to body through the depths of hell. Above all, enticing pitch, reinforced by a few trailers where one could discover a committed artistic direction with levels consisting of organs and bloody members. Similarly, Agony looking like a future reference to the horror game! Welcome to Agony, an FPS in which you embody a tormented soul devoid of memory that begins its journey in the depths of hell.

Agony Game


The gates of Hell

All the art consists in bringing the demon to a place where one can hide, then launch the torch in the distance and sneak behind the beast. We will also find ourselves at certain moments in front of small enigmas to be solved in order to progress. In our case, it was a symbol to be drawn on a door to unlock it. Now, one had to choose the right one from several possible ones.

Difficult for the moment to judge the technical aspect of the title insofar as it is only a very early demo of the game. After that, game is nevertheless visually impressive enough with a nice use of the Unreal Engine 4. However, quality textures, all the crazy side of the game is transcribed with a certain fidelity that! The impression of strolling through the corridors of Hell. Otherwise, we admit that we met a lot of bugs, even on less than half an hour of play.

Journey of survival horror

Anguish urges alert and creep, and even proposes a hold breath work so that once covered up in a difficulty! Scarcely noticeable due to close to no ability to see, saints can not distinguish your quality. Similarly, the AI ​​response to this strategy is absolutely irregular, animals can disregard you when you are before them. Therefore, you trick when you are more cautious than a mouse. The invasion stages don’t work, and all planets appear to be adjusted to bring Agony free download players out of the air the title attempts to convey. In conclusion, the activitys of animals that don’t constantly trigger and a work on sound plan! Really recognize the landing or not of a foe adjacent, the extraordinary greatness of the development of the character. Anticipates reactivity in circumstances Of voltage.

Corpses and skeletons

We will in the end let ourselves go running quickly in the passageways of the amusement to discover! At the earliest opportunity another purpose of manual reinforcement left beyond words claim another spirit. Above all, for a title that might want to play on the strain and the climate, as a lot to state that it is missed. What’s more, when Agony endeavors to present new mechanics of play, their landing and their execution are confusing to the point that once more.

The irritation outweighs the delight or minimal want to proceed with the experience. After that, add to that an inadequately structured dimension plan and an extraordinary homogeneity in the sets and you will comprehend that! However, experience free pc Agony is nothing of a course of wellbeing. In addition, things being what they are, at any rate the masterful bearing ordinarily advanced! The different trailers figures out how to improve this tasteless diversion.

Labyrinth full of enemies

Note likewise that the meandering spirits are separated into around 3 distorted models! The last recurrent similar sentences in a circle from one end to the next of the diversion. The passages are affixed with a greatness of relocation bolstered. While expressing as much against the bugs as the dead that emerge not as a result of the player.

Furthermore, it isn’t the pitiful tree of aptitude with the relative effect or the extra methods of play which will raise the enthusiasm of the title. In conclusion, note at long last that assuming, truly and in spite of perusing these lines! PC Game Agony still entices you, incline toward the PC games, if anyway you have a machine fit for holding ultra settings to would like to see. Item association with the things uncovered amid the special crusade of the diversion.

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