Borderlands The Pre Sequel Download Free PC

Over the years, its two components and numerous DLCs, Borderlands The Pre Sequel download has proved its originality and efficiency among players! From then on, one had to expect to regain legitimately sooner or later a new chapter to this saga. It’s done today with an adventure that! However, more amazing, is neither a sequel nor a game on next gen. Here is already all the information that it was possible to collect during the first gameplay sequence shown by the developers.

Borderlands The Pre Sequel Download Free

Borderlands The Pre Sequel


The space station

As the title suggests, Borderlands The Pre Sequel Download! Developed jointly by 2K Australia (the Bioshock saga) and GearBox Software, it always takes the form of a stylized cel shading SPF. However, the action has now shifted to Elpis, Pandora’s moon apparently endowed with several bases in various environments.

A place that the developers and the community of players have obviously wanted to explore for a long time. At the intersection of the two components, the story of the game logically approaches the rise of the Beau Jack! Inevitably younger, before he becomes the villain totally megalomaniac and tyrannous Borderlands The Pre Sequel download free. The originality is that here the player finds himself on the side of the villains by embodying in solo.

Greater variety of missions

The last two playable protagonists are also unknown. Starting with Nisha, the Justiciere, a cruel beauty who, in Borderlands 2, was both Lynchwood’s sheriff and Beau Jack’s girlfriend. Last but not least ClapTrap, present in both parts! This robot worker seems fortunately to have been modified to lend itself to the fight. Nevertheless, its small size and its status promise Borderlands The Pre Sequel Download and gaming experience for the least original.

Moreover, it suddenly appears at the very end of the demo to complete the ugly boss of the level, Red Belly! However, gameplay sequence shown by the developers unveiled several information as to the content of the adventure. Borderlands The Pre Sequel free pc first, the lunar environment allows the protagonists to make great jumps, thanks to the low gravity! But requires them to wear a helmet, Oxygen mask. 

Rayguns and railguns

Another element that redefines the fighting largely the presence of jetpacks! These open for sure the door to really acrobatic clashes. Especially since it is possible, thanks to a special movement, to land on the ground. The head of the enemy in a very violent way by inflicting many damages. The result appears as fun as crazy, especially when the opponent, transformed into ice before. With the new types of available ammunition, literally explodes into a thousand pieces. 

At the level of the arsenal, in addition to new weapons probably delusional, the developers introduce here several types of continuous lasers. What give even more scope and strategy to the fighting! Especially if you consider that a well fitting shot in the oxygen helmet of his opponent can quickly get rid of it by suffocating.

If the action should be up again, however, we must hope that the game Borderlands The Pre Sequel Download does not inherit the syndrome Dead Rising 4. Between if not a true sequel, which capitalized a lot too much on his achievements without knowing how to renew himself enough.


Absorbing or reflecting damage

On the off chance that the universe, the earth and Borderlands The Pre Sequel download characters are masterfully astounding. Likewise perceive that the realistic rendering, all of Cell Shading dressed, has contributed significantly to the accomplishment of the arrangement. However, this dimension, nothing has changed the imaginative leg of Gearbox has struck again.

Designers are by and by utilizing their decent illustrations motor, their surfaces exact and brilliant, all showered in an uncommon creativity. From one perspective, the dimension of value is kept up and we should celebrate, however then again! Rather lament an unmistakable visual enhancement or, in any event, something extremely new or astounding.

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Borderlands The Pre Sequel Download Free PC

Borderlands The Pre Sequel

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