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In 2015 came out Cities Skylines Mass Transit free pc, a building and city management game inspired! By the famous Sim City franchise, developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox. Although generally well received by the players, they quickly pointed to serious concerns in the management of traffic and public transport. After a natural disaster focused DLC, Colossal Order is intent on tackling all! The road problems of their game again while adding transit options to Mass Transit, the fourth DLC of Cities Skylines

One of the paradoxes of this DLC is that the most interesting part for the player, namely the finer management of roads and crossings. Part of the patch accompanying the release of the DLC and made available. Free of charge to any owner of the game whether or not it buys this. And by taking a look at the patch note accompanying the update! Quickly realize that almost everything is offered via the patch. The DLC being content, for the most part, to add transportation for our cities.

Cities Skylines Mass Transit Game

Cities Skylines Mass Transit


New transit options 

So of course, a poorly designed road network will still be plugging, but this patch is noticeably improving things! Gives us all the keys to effectively combat the bottlenecks that have caused more. Virtual mayor to tire of seeing the vehicles heap on one lane three times their lane. Not to mention that the inhabitants of our Cities Skylines Mass Transit free download now shun least public transport. Because yes, so far, we have mainly talked about the free patch. Similarly, we must recognize that compared to the patch, the DLC itself seems very light.

Effective collection

So it’s sure it’s bad for your workers to go to the factory aboard an airship rather than by bus or on foot! But in any case it will be convenient to combine with buses unless you place zones landing everywhere to cover the key points of your city. However, the airship, casually, it’s slow, suddenly they will limit faster to take a bus, tram or metro story not to be fired for repeated delays. And an airship can only board about thirty passengers, the equivalent of a bus.

The ferry works on the same principle, except that it is necessary to follow the waterways to trace the shipping lanes. When to the cable car, it is about placing two buildings end to end and connect them by the network. Simple, effective, but of the most limited use! Even if it still has its charm to pass a river or a cliff to your inhabitants by the cable car. No, the new means of transportation that really makes a difference is the monorail.

Three new maps

Obviously, you can flawlessly make a system and a station autonomous of your streets on the off chance that you require it or simply need it. However, this probability of comparing street and rail makes it simple to consolidate a monorail on your current street system! Transport hundreds travelers from one end of your city to the next. In contrast to the cable car, in any case, we lose the capacity to put stops to envy since it is basic to a station to put a stop.

Cities Skylines Mass Transit get download that the stations produce a great deal of commotion contamination! So it will be important to disconnect your neighborhoods. However, the monorail is the most fascinating new and slightest conditional methods for transport proposed by the DLC. Another intriguing and explicit component of these new vehicles originates. From the likelihood of fluidizing changes, basically by means of transports.

Public transport

To put it plainly, it’s decent, yet insufficient to hop on the slobbering lips. To close, Cities Skylines Mass Transit Game is a superbly nonessential DLC, principally on the grounds that the genuinely basic increments! After that, could have made it an unquestionable requirement purchase are free. The DLC and augmentations are not terrible, a long way from it, simply that they are generally restorative since. Similarly, they are for the most part copies with some current transport without having a genuine preferred standpoint over them! Except for the monorail, the special case that truly pulls If you have constantly longed. For transporting your natives in aircrafts or building a monorail, Mass Transit should fill you in! In the event that not, there is little motivation to get it.

Cities Skylines Mass Transit Download

Cities Skylines Mass Transit


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