Divinity Original Sin 2 Download Free for PC

Divinity Original Sin 2 download, funded on Kickstarter and developed by Larian Studios is finally released officially on PC. After a period of early access that had the good taste not to drag on, After a very successful first game! This second episode full of content is highly anticipated. Above all, discover here our verdict of what looks like the new star of the Western RPGFor this second installment, Divinity proposes to you to embody a hero on the other side of the barrier. In addition, one of those that you hunted in the first game: a dowser. A user of the source, a powerful power even divine, but potentially corrupting. 

Divinity Original Sin 2 Download Free

Divinity Original Sin 2

Great Adventure

You will begin your adventure at the lowest, in rags, with an immovable collar that seals your source! In a hold in the direction of the prison called joy, joy. In addition, your character, its origins and part of your adventure remain to be determined though. Divinity Original Sin 2 Download has the good taste to propose to create a generic character without a proper history! Therefore, select one of the six characters who have a particular origin. Personality, and who will have many special interactions during the adventure, as well as replicas that match their character. In conclusion, the Red Prince is a lizard man whose failed but it did not cool his ambitions. 

Different perspective

There is something for everyone, and the personalization system of the characters in Divinity Original Sin 2 Download free Means that in the end you can play anyone in any way without losing too much. Without revealing too much about the rest of the story, your modest beginnings will not prevent you. From having an epic adventure which will lead you to the top as the title and the trailer of the game clearly indicate. However, story is interesting and coherent, just as are the characters.

However, what makes the game so strong is that it manages to spare us the big text blocks and the endless dialogues! Therefore, you will usually have two or three lines and almost no NPC is willing to tell you in detail all his life to your first discussion. In other words, avoids a major pitfall in which many old school RPGs have failed. After that, focus remains on exploration and action, you do not need to be a big fan of reading to enjoy adventure.

Affect the world

Similarly, world is full Divinity Original Sin 2 Download of quests, secret passages, traps and monsters. For instance, you can spend hours on each card and there is no doubt that even by re doing the campaign! Several times you will probably continue to discover secrets or unexpected solutions to some problems. It is also a real pleasure to empty all the pockets of the NPCs. Realize that they have been stripped of their property. They even have the intelligence to question you and ask to search your belongings under pain of calling! The guards if you make the mistake of not leaving the scene of the crime fairly quickly! Above all, world and history also seems to have a fairly high tolerance for your actions! However, you can allow yourself to play the butchers and kill the majority of people if the heart tells you without it stopping your progress.


Character creation

Furnished just with the advantages referenced above, Divinity Original Sin 2 download would as of now be to a great degree energizing. Similarly, we should include the equalization a turn based battling framework amazingly rich, damn well and not without innovation. Therefore, the characters have a real existence bar, as well as a physical protective layer bar and an enchantment shield bar. By and large, the first can not be begun until one of the other two is decreased to zero.

Realizing that shots and spells generally snack at one another, care must be taken to have corresponding characters on the group. For instance, always screen these checks, so as to settle on the correct choices about assault and in addition resistance. In conclusion, framework likewise evades maltreatment of a given power, since it tends to be successful on one adversary and ineffectual on another! Contingent upon the kind of defensive layer remaining.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Download

Divinity Original Sin 2

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