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Get Even game from Polish indie studio The Farm 51, tackles those questions and more. Exceptional element is not any doubt its story. With masses of twists and misdirection, this psychological thriller incorporates an emphatic and notion frightening ending. But its gameplay, which includes fixing and shooting, does not anything of notice aside from distract you along the manner.

Get Even Game

Get Even


Unremarkable looking game

Get Even starts in dramatic, bewildering fashion. Playing as Cole Black, a former soldier with an extended criminal report and cloudy motivations. Therefore, you begin in what looks as if a creepy psychiatric health facility. For instance, you’re armed most effective with a silenced pistol and a smartphone. In addition, you are advised not anything approximately why you’re there or where you’re. However, you quickly find out that your objective is to shop a young female with a bomb strapped to her chest. After that, taking down the guys who captured her, you attempt to defuse the bomb, but it goes off. 

In and out of different memories

Black cannot make experience of what is came about to him or why. Similarly, you can also word that he sounds similar to Sean Bean, but he isn’t. The story receives even extra distressing from there, as you try to piece together what took place as a mysterious scientist! Red, publications you through the asylum over video display units and audio system as part of your remedy. You ultimately discover that the asylum is not all it appears. Red’s motivations handiest end up greater murky. Therefore, the first half of Get Even Free is spent below the steerage of Red! Who’s later to be a character name Ramsey.

Revisit Black’s reminiscences, piecing collectively clues and attempting to resolve the story behind the mysterious victim. Above all, you locate proof as you discover those digital recollections, which ultimately finally ends up on a board scattershot with pix and newspaper clippings. You won’t discover everything there’s to look for the duration of your first recollection of every reminiscence, however you’re to go back at any time to discover what you might have unnoticed and upload a brand new piece to the puzzle.

Show parts of the memory 

After that, your vehicle to the virtual global the Pandora headset is Red’s lifestyles work. It allows you to be a fly at the wall in Black’s memories, wherein you could appearance however you can’t touch. Finding the answers you seek is complicate by way of recollections which can be maliciously corrupted. Apparently someone or some thing is trying to hide the fact to make it hard to understand what’s actual and what simply appears to be. For some time, accept as true with in your personal judgement feels out of reach. In conclusion, it’s an interesting way to inform a story! However, even though it may be plenty to wrap your head around as the brand new and complex opportunities are deliver. But it all comes collectively in the end for you (and Black) in a totally enjoyable and surprising manner.


Find location of enemies

The movement within the early degrees of the sport revolves around solving and a restrict quantity of shooting! Broadly speaking with a weapon known as a CornerGun. In addition, Black steals this object from a business rival of Ramsey’s. Like its name shows, its barrel can flip ninety levels, allowing you to shoot around corners. For instance, this is one of the more precise aspects of Get Even Download shooting. It takes some getting use to, as firing round corners can be disorienting at first. Similarly, it’s a logistical assignment to examine wherein you want to face or crouch to correctly hearth around a corner. Above all, very enjoyable while you get the hang of it. Once you do, you could sneakily creep around, taking down enemies in secret.

Get Even Download

Get Even


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