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At first glance, Hollow Knight Free PC has everything from the little indie game that dare not get too wet. Started three years ago and carried by a successful Kickstarter campaign, Team Cherry’s project landed in total indifference last February. A little reworking in context of this metroidvania at first sight very classical! After that, a mysterious introductory cinematic drawn entirely by hand introducing the danger watching the world of Hallownest! Populated by anthropomorphic insects, here we are in the skin of a small traveler to the pace of ear piercing. To defend himself in the course of his adventure. However, city of Dirtmouth and the kilometers of subterranean grids that surround him, this one has only one weapon with a nail.

Hollow Knight Game

Hollow Knight

Beautiful buried kingdom

Each environment is interconnected to others in many ways. The dark, greyish hue that predominates, especially at the beginning, can disorientate but regularly leaves room for more rewarding colors. We will not linger any longer on artistic direction which is simply fabulous. Each decor is teeming with details. Under its cute airs lies a world full of melancholy! Therefore, false airs of Tim Burton to which one would have added a little Pixar / Disney and a point of Miyazaki. For instance, mixture that seduces immediately. The scores of the young composer Christopher Larkin, sometimes discreet when necessary or stressful during the boss fights, sublime the whole. One of the strengths of the game is that Team Cherry has chosen to offer free progression by inviting exploration. 

Action platformer

This can be confusing during the first hours of play, or even discourage. This testifies to the developer’s desire to make us wander without benchmarks in this hostile world. Caution is therefore required, but curiosity is rewarded. You will often lose all your money by dying in a chain on a rather arduous platform! To discover that it only leads to a quarter of a mask, giving an additional life point when recomposed.

Similarly, freedom offered to the player necessarily brings backtracking, but all this is compensated by an intelligent and precise level design! Almost immediate grasp of our avatar and a well managed platformer component. Hollow Knight Free PC offers a perfect reading of the environment and action. For instance, you can easily identify enemies to the sounds they emit. Even the famous cartographer joyfully whistles to indicate his presence nearby. 

The adventure begins

You will first have to analyze the opponent’s movements, even if you have to die repeatedly, know how to seize the opportunity to give a hit. Manage your movement palette and your soul gauge correctly. This one is filled with each blow carried by our dear ear piercing, and allows! The choice, to use powers of attack or to reload your life while immobilizing you. However, salt of the game comes from the good use of this tool, to use sparingly because it leaves you vulnerable. Similarly, you can also rest on benches, campfires Game Hollow Knight sauce, which also serve as a safeguard. Team Cherry thus borrows several licenses, to propose mechanics that are known by heart but which are perfectly mastered! As some good ideas like the Ori, possibility of equipping charms, offering various passive bonuses. 


Full of hidden secrets

For swashbucklers who are in threat, then again, the issue guarantees to be a standout amongst the most boisterous. Through the numerous chromatic zones that shape the relative universe of Hollow Knight PC download, the experiences are various. Supposing that some great spirits will turn all over a paw! Therefore, is left of the encompassing microcosm will be particularly on a basic level to make you skin, not only a bit.

It is furnished at first with your solitary nail point that you will battle, and particularly rapidly incorporate the contradicting designs. The battles are exceptionally various, yet exploit a dimension structure convoluted and quick enough to be recharged. In other words, a similar foe will be capable as indicated by the setup of the spots to give you a ton of hard time! Where your will have cleared it without a look a couple of minutes back.

Hollow Knight Download

Hollow Knight

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