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In the world of management and management, the video game Motorsport Manager Download. If the series Football Manager reigns supreme in this area, we can not say that the genre is jostling in the starting blocks. After that, motorsport fans have been waiting for the game of prodigy, which can immerse them behind the scenes of F1. With Motorsport Manager, a title already release on mobiles and tablets! Developers Playsport Games offer players the opportunity to take the lead of a team to propel their pilots to the peaks. But to be a manager is not given to everyone, it takes solid kidneys to choose the appropriate technology and adapt to the different hazards of a season. And that’s probably what makes this production so interesting! But by working with the Playsport Games team, SEGA has manage to bring the Football Manager experience into the microcosm of digital F1.

Motorsport Manager Game
Motorsport Manager


Part of motorsport

This may rush the purists of the discipline but the Japanese publisher could not get the official licenses. Properties of Codemasters and KOCH Media, these appear only in the form of names and colors referring to the real drivers and stables. Therefore, if you want to reconstitute the whole of the coming season, you will have to spend long moments in the editor. To get the most out of reality, this will be a must to reorder names, dates, stables.

The same goes for tracks that are only variants of circuits used during the official calendar. Despite everything, we easily recognize each track and we come to forget this slight inconvenience. It is all the more true that these details do not taint the passion that emerges from such a production. In addition, developers of Playsport Games are certainly crazy about the car and we are not long in discovering it.

Racing simulation

However, in order not to leave any player, the creators of the game have simplified the reality. If the financial aspect is important, he lets himself be tamed without having to spend hours trying to break his brains. There are also some adjustments, here and there, to reduce the ascetic aspect of management in general. For example, for sponsors, you will not have to go fishing, they will come directly to offer their services. You are free to accept or not.

Get download Motorsport Manager becomes exciting is in the rise of your performance. In the course of your exploits, you will be able to sign in another stable by attempting bets more and more daring! Like hiring pilots with a strong character, even risking compensation for dismissal in case of failure. All these data contribute to the balance and the coherence of the game. It is all the more true that the most fearful will be able, little by little, to learn the workings of the trade thanks to a neat and successful tutorial.

Passion for the sport

In the race, a visual makes it possible to follow the evolution of your vehicles and to act. In real time, on the mechanics, while choosing the level of attack of your pilots. This one, classified in five points, can thus make you grab some places in the classification but it will be to the detriment of the wear of your tires. You will also have to choose the right moment to go to the pits. After that, mix between tactics and management is undoubtedly one of the greatest successes of this Motorsport Manager Free PC! Every race is an apprenticeship to anticipation. Above all, can range from the behavior of the enemy pilots to the weather. After that, events taking place in real time on the track.

We must also emphasize the overall quality of the interface and graphic rendering. So yes, it’s not with Motorsport Manager that your graphics card will melt but the visual is frankly correct! With beautiful effects and a clean 3D and licked. If you are fans of the genre, you have been waiting for this type of productions for ages, it’s time to crack! The game of SEGA may suffer from the lack of an online mode and some elements overflown but it signs a first most honorable attempt. It’s simple, it has such assets that it can interest players who are not originally attracted to this type of game.


The fiction

For an amusement discharged a year prior on portable, what gives in general Motorsport Manager free PC. Indeed, without being extremely great actually! Motorsport Manager is the privilege to bear the cost of a decent 3D motor be that as it may. The demonstrating is commonly right without being uncommon, yet that is sufficient. The vehicles are displayed summarily as the general population in the hustling stages. Preposterous to see that a few circuits are pretty much like nearly. Yet, something else, the entire is decent, yet extremely no more, if not the climate impacts that go well. One final thing concerning the soundtrack it will be, quick, as in there is just a single music that keeps running in a circle in the menus! Above all, that totally does not stay with the universe of F1.

Motorsport Manager Download

Motorsport Manager


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