On The Road Download Free for PC

On The Road download game for the PC comes from the development studio Toxtronyx. Which uses the early access phase to incorporate player feedback and gamer’s ideas into the later appearing game. While an exact release date has not yet been determined, you can already take the wheel of a Truck Simulator in the other series. After that, Early Access version already offers around 1,500 kilometers of motorway and about 300 kilometers of country road for driving. In addition, urban areas of seven German cities can already be explored another eleven are to be added in early access.

On The Road Download Free for PC

On The Road


Realistic truck simulator

Exciting The presentation of the terrain is based on real satellite data. In addition, various weather conditions and a day night change are already included. Seasons should follow. In the early version of the game, the gamer gets a MAN truck set aside. Like other simulation by the publisher Aerosoft! Therefore, the graphics are mostly in order, but not state of the art. For a On The Road download free, it is enough and a positive effect is that there are only extremely short loading times. In conclusion, into the cab of the truck is striking that not all functions are available. For that, what already exists can be seen.

Country roads

Similarly, before you can drive off directly, you have to get used to the many setting options of the on board system. Here it is not easy turn around with key and drive off. A tutorial in the Early Access version would be desirable, because so you have to fade in the key assignments again. Together, how to let the vehicle roll. Above all, the animations already make a good impression for that. On The Road Download jerks in style when accelerating and stopping and the circuit seems to be realistic.

Virtual driver diverse

However, putting the Truck Simulator against other vehicles or house walls, not much happens, except that you are stuck. For instance, you can not do much more than drive around, you just have to drive through given markings. Great features we’ve noticed are the sights that let the player see the cities! In other words, navigation system that calculates the route in real time.

It is a pity that On the Road download pc game sometimes leaves the player in the lurch. For minutes we could not move our Alaskan Truck from the spot and thought of a game mistake. Finally, it turned out that simply that the air tank of the truck was empty and therefore blocked the brakes. At least one text hint would have been nice here.

The original functioning

We would also like to have seen the announced economic system of the game, but it does not exist yet. Therefore, the plan is to found and organize your own company. After that, On The Road Free game still shows a lot of expansion needs. In addition, the bright spots outweigh the shortcomings. Similarly, you can live with existing gameplay, sound and graphics errors. Therefore, you have the chance to experience the gradual expansion of a promising simulation step by step.

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On The Road Free Download Game

On The Road


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