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Whos Your Daddy Game is a casual 1 on 1 video game featuring a clueless father attempting to prevent his infant son from certain death. In other words, players can choose to play as either the daddy or the baby. The daddy’s goal is to prevent the baby from dying by childproofing his home and completing chores! However, the baby’s goal is to take his own life using whatever objects within the house he can get his little hands on, such as batteries or bleach.

Whos Your Daddy Game

Whos Your Daddy


The baby’s player

For those who enjoy dark comedy, the game is hilarious and has received a significant amount of attention on YouTubers, such as the video below by PewDiePie. Above all, shown in the video, the baby character gets to experience the joy of drinking bleach and eating batteries! In other words, the daddy character has to baby proof the house to protect his child from killing himself with basic household items.

Protect his son

Similarly, some players use the game to practice their own parenting supervision skills! In addition, playing the game with their own children, such as the father below. To find out what the strange rubber object is, play the game or watch videos of gameplay on YouTube.

Could Whos Your Daddy Download actually have positive influences on current and future parents? Therefore, could argue that the game makes people more aware of the danger basic household items could have on their child. Above all, help people think about the seriousness of proper supervision in an entertaining way.

Lots of realistic things

For instance, proper supervision of your children may be a common theme for Evil Tortilla Games Incorporated. The indie game company recently released the app Save the Gorilla, which is based off of the the death of Harambe! The gorilla shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo after a 3-year old boy climbed into the gorilla enclosure. The goal of the game is to touch and drag loose children at the zoo to their parents to stop them from climbing the gorilla fence! Therefore, saving the gorilla.

Try to be good dad

Whos Your Daddy Free has also received negative responses. Not everyone views babies cooking themselves or attempting to drown theirselves. However, in a tub as an enjoyable form of entertainment. Similarly, the majority of the negative reviews for the game come from people who see Who’s Your Daddy! As a suicide baby game, such as the person below. The dad player does get a lot of bonuses throughout the game, though.

Therefore, doing chores like picking up toys or changing the batteries in the smoke detector give the dad powers. After that, do things like let him know where the baby is, or see objects through walls. For instance, fruit can counteract the effects of poison or batteries! Dad can install babyproofing supplies like cabinet locks and outlet covers. It seems like the baby has the advantage in the beginning, but if the dad successfully covers the outlets and locks the cabinets and completes his chores. Becomes much more difficult for the baby to hurt itself.

Whos Your Daddy Download

Whos Your Daddy


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