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Worms Reloaded Download it’s been almost 15 years since the rabid worms of the Worms series have been waging! Merciless war whose cause they have long since forgotten. Backed by no deceit, these fearsome and delirious fighters have pretty much slipped on all the gaming platforms released so far. After the phenomenal success of the Armageddon and World Party episodes, the series unfortunately suffered a lot from its move to 3D in 2003. The gameplay was not so attractive and many players did not adhere to the concept. Fortunately, the studio Team 17 has been able to step back in time by designing in 2006 new episodes 2D! So called third generation The Odyssey Space and Worms WMD. Luckily, Worms Reloaded is precisely the PC adaptation of the latter.

Worms Reloaded Download Free

Worms Reloaded

Specific balancing changes

After a brief training, intended to put us in mind the different commands! Logically gravitate towards the Campaign and its 35 levels to progressive difficulty. Indeed, at the beginning, it is easy to explode reduced teams, whose members usually have less health than your flock. Relatively little combative, quick to plant lamentably by pulling on his own lines, the AI ​​obviously tends to harden once past the ten levels. You will then be for generous bastons full of moments of anthology, triumphs and tragedies. At regular intervals, we will also be entitled to some missions that are a little out of the ordinary. For example, we will have to try to reach the exit of a level before the end of the allotted time! This by using only a single jetpack or a simple ninja rope.

Tactical game Worms Reloaded Download

Each victory in the campaign will allow you to pocket a few coins that you will obviously rush to invest in the game shop. The virtual stall contains indeed a lot of fun accessories, such as headgear, new tombstones! Even new colors, which will obviously serve to make your commando absolutely unique. But that’s not all, the trade of our dear earth worms will also allow you to acquire environments the game Worms Reloaded Download. In total for your custom games, new levels as well as overpowering weapons well known to fans of the world. This last ultimate weapon actually takes the form of a rain of incandescent meteorites that falls on the Battlefield. Indistinctly spraying your worms like those of the enemy.

Worm army survival mode

You will also find great Worms Reloaded Download classics such as radio guided missiles! Fragmentation grenades, fire mandals, baseball bats, air raids classic explosive or napalm! All accompanied by traditional teleporters, jetpacks and other ninja ropes. We will also appreciate the presence in this beautiful equipment rack appeared on DS and PSP. We will find among other things a magnet capable of attracting or repelling metallic projectiles! A defensive turret that will sully happily all enemies passing within range.

The crusher a bomb that will serve to dislodge the worms stuck in the galleries and caverns. Similarly, all the elements are there to allow us to produce great battles through various game modes! Including a Kill All mode challenging us to shoot as many worms as possible with one fighter. Pleasant solo, it is of course in multiplayer that Worms Reloaded download takes all its dimension. Against buddies on the same PC or strangers online. Confronting all the evil of one or more human spirits changes everything.



Simple beautiful game Worms Reloaded Download

The primary contrast between Worms Reloaded Download free and a year ago’s select Worms 2 Armageddon other than the alternative to play with mouse! Console in the event that you favor it to the gamepad setup. There’s a choice to make your very own custom dimensions essentially by dropping picture documents into an organizer. The diversion doesn’t give a simple method to convey maps on the web, so this component is a curiosity as opposed to a distinct advantage!

However, all things considered, it’s greatly simple to send picture documents to any companions you need to play with, only not to outsiders. How pictures are changed into levels is greatly basic parts of the picture that are dark are removed, and whatever is left turns into the scene. Similarly, could scarcely be less demanding! There’s even a straightforward Paint style program for making and altering levels.

Worms Reloaded Download

Worms Reloaded

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